I sometimes picture my farm as a battlefield with troops of people struggling with nature in a hundred-year war.

Germans, Italians, Chinese and Japanese, Armenians, Filipinos, and Mexicans---their voices have sounded over this farm, their families have walked these rows . . .

~ David Mas Masumoto, Epitaph for a Peach

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Research Services

Picnic at Huntington Lake, Huntington Lake Lodge Photograph Album, circa 1915. Fresno Historical Society Archives

Fresno Historical Society Archives offers research to serve a broad range of subjects including family history and genealogy, historic structures, ethnic groups, organizations, business and local government history. The Historical Society is a non-profit organization, and the following research fees are for staff time, cost of copies to assist researchers in their projects and to continue funding the preservation of our collection.

For members of the Historical Society please see Members’ Fees. 


E-mail Research Requests

Send an email to archives@valleyhistory.org  with a description of the specific information you need, plus your address and phone number. Archivist Katy Hogue will review your request and provide an overview of the materials that are available. If an appointment is desired, it can be made from 9am to 4pm, Tuesday - Friday, excluding holidays. Research requests are answered in the order they are received. Collections are housed off-site and must be pulled. Please allow several weeks for processing. 


Research Fees

For collections that must be searched for specific content by our staff, we offer a Research for Fee service. First, email the request to archives@valleyhistory.org for review. Archives staff will let you know the initial scope of the materials available. We will notify you if research time is required and provide an estimate. Once you pre-paid the fees, Archives staff will search available sources and provide you with an emailed/written report of the findings. Please allow several weeks for processing. 

• Telephone, email and written requests - $20 per hour; commercial fee $30 per hour

• All research service requests must be pre-paid (miniumum one-hour charge). See Payment below for address to mail payment.

• Includes up to 5 black/white photocopies or 2 color copies

• Additional photocopies at $ .25 each (black & white), $1.00 each for color.

• Postage: An additional $6.00 for Certified U.S. Mail with return receipt postcard. (Charge may increase depending on weight of materials. Researcher will be contacted.)


Photograph Research

The Historical Society holds over 30,000 photographs in its collections. Most are available for photographic reproduction for personal display or publication. For general photograph purchases, please see the Historic Photographs in our online store. Requests for specific photographs not on the website can be answered via email at archives@valleyhistory.org. Fees for businesses, professional firms, and commercial organizations requesting in-depth photo research may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. 

• $30 per hour, charged in one-hour increments. We will notify you if research time is required and provide an estimate.


Members’ Fees

• Historical Society members receive up to one hour of research time at no charge. Additional research hours at $10 per hour.

• 10% discount on final reproduction order (photocopies or photographs). 



All research service requests must be pre-paid (minimum one hour charge). Once the Archives receives payment, your research will be placed into the workflow. (Research questions are answered in the order in which they are received.) Generally, research requests are completed in three to four weeks. Researcher will be contacted if requests will take longer than one month. You may authorize up to 5 hours of research to complete your request. If we feel your request will take more time than you have authorized, we will contact you.

Mailing address for service request payments: Fresno Historical Society, Attn: Archives, 7160 W. Kearney Blvd., Fresno, CA 93706 


Delivery and Postage

All research requests will be answered through the mail or email. Payment of $6.00 for Certified U.S. Mail (with return receipt postcard) is required. Charge may increase depending on weight of materials. Researcher will be contacted.


Completion of Research Request

Research requests are filled in three to four weeks after receipt of payment. Researcher will be contacted if request will take longer than one month. 


Further Research Suggestions:

You may wish to contact the following repository. They may be able to give you further suggestions on research sources:


The Fresno County Public Library, Central Branch.

The San Joaquin Valley Heritage & Genealogy Center (located on the 2nd floor)        

Fresno County Public Library

2420 Mariposa Street

Fresno, CA  93721-2285

(559) 600-6230

Website: http://www.fresnolibrary.org/heritage/

Email: http://www.fresnolibrary.org/heritage/email.html

         Obituary Requests  1922 - present

For obituaries from 1922 to the present, contact the San Joaquin Valley Heritage & Genealogy Center Reference Services of the Fresno County Library (contact information directly above).  The Heritage Center has microfilm copies of the Fresno Bee and may be able to do a search. It is customary to send a small donation to the Library (about $10 -15) for this service.



Contact us at archives@valleyhistory.org 

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