We had come to this dry area . . . and we had paused in it and built our houses and we were slowly creating the legend of our life. We were digging for water and we were leading streams through the dry land. We were planting and ploughing and standing in the midst of the garden that we were making.

~ William Saroyan

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Preserving Your Family History

As you browse these sites and address whatever preservation concerns you have for your family heirlooms, remember that “When in doubt, don’t” is the first rule in preservation.  Always seek advice from professionals before taking any action that may be irreversible.

Minnesota Historical Society 
Conservators have provided a number of instructional materials and through their Tech Talk newsletter a bimonthly column offers technical assistance on management, preservation, and conservation concerns that affect historical societies and museums of all sizes and interests. 

Framing textiles for display and preservation (PDF)

Is Your Textile Suitable For Framing?  (PDF)

Creating your own time capsule. (PDF)

Caring for sports memorabilia. (PDF)

Conserving firearms, Part 1.  (PDF)

Conserving firearms, Part 2.  (PDF)

Preserving Your Photographs (PDF)

Preserving Newspapers: When and How To (PDF)


Preserving Family Treasures
Focused on family collections, this Library of Congress site provides basic “do’s and don’ts” for families from handling and displaying their treasures to disaster preparedness.

Care of Objects and Collections
From the Canadian Conservation Institute, this site provides assistance in caring for and preserving heirlooms and works of arts, such as watches, teddy bears, rugs, ivory sculptures wooden masks, kitchen and household utensils, and musical instruments.

Protect Photos, Documents and Other Papers From Natural Destruction Over Time
From Scrapbook.com - Learn how to prevent destruction and preserve personal and historical items for future generations. 

Resources for Private & Family Collections
One of the leading conservation centers in the United States, the Northeast Document Conservation Center provides preservation information to museums, libraries, and archives. The Center established this site to help families preserve their documents and memorabilia.  Preservation leaflets are available on line. 

Smithsonian – Museum Conservation Institute
Providing information on how to take care of family heirlooms has become one of the Smithsonian outreach programs.  Provides information on the preservation of a broad range of objects: Furniture & Wooden Objects – Paintings  – Paper Based Materials  – Textiles – Bugs, Insects & Pests.

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation
Basic tips to protect and preserve wedding gowns.

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